VapoJET Instruction Manual
AvatarMEDIC created the first comprehensive English instruction manual for the innovative 3d printable "VapoJET" Ultracompact Anesthesia System which can be used without technical skills, even in a Spaceship
April 2020
Dr Susan Ip-Jewell MD
Dr Naoyuki Ishikita MD
John Hanacek
This project was started by Dr Naoyuki Ishikita MD, PhD, in conjunction with the National Hospital, Niigata Clinical Research Department, Medical Equipment, Innovation. The 3D Print Artificial Respiratory Model was invented by Dr Ishikita et al.
This is an artificial respiratory model that has succeeded under initial operational pilot testing under zero gravity environment on parabolic flights including successfully 3D Printed on the International Space Station 2017 on the Micro-gravity adapted 3D Printer Made In Space, MIS, 3D Printer.
Dr. Ishikita et al, Professor Akihiko Tree (Associate Professor of the Hiroshima University Translational Research Center) in partnership with Dr Susan Ip-Jewell MD (President, MMAARS, formerly MAU), and John Hanacek MA, CEO, AvatarMEDIC will continue on-going R&D, optimization, validation and integration of the 3D Printed VapoJET Ventilation and Inhalational System Project for long-term strategic goals to enable further development and integration of the VapoJET Ventilation System into MMMARS’s teleanestheisa-telesurgery simulation training and near-future capability to perform space surgery and remote medical operations for isolated and confined environments in Space and on Earth, including application to address and support the current COIVD-19 pandemic emergency and into clinical settings around the world.
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