Pioneering realtime, remote, medical relief, enabling new possibilities for care delivery in mainstream, extreme and future off-world markets.

Today we offer a variety of services for existing healthcare needs. All along the way we keep our innovative 'moonshot' and 'mars-shot' goals in constant view.

The AvatarMEDIC Humanoid concept comes as part of our involvement in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE and has become clearly relevant during the times of COVID 19. It is meant to bridge the gap between having a clinical resource onsite and the current attempts to use mobile computers or simple telepresence robots to provide care.

The doctor or nurse can work in realtime with a patient, controlling the robot from a high level, while interacting via bidirectional video.

AvatarMEDIC is meant to serve as the ultimate clinical multitool, functioning in autonomous and semi-autonomous modes. For use in patient-facing applications from triage to clinical visits.

As Humans venture outward into the solar system, and continue facing crises at home on Earth, the need is growing for an omnipresent medical capability layer, acting as a unified holistic framework and service to enable any medical procedure, anytime, anywhere; even when no trained personnel are available.

Thus, we propose the AvatarMEDIC vision of a system to provide non-medical persons, medical experts, emergency responders, including astronauts, the ability to quickly respond to challenges in emergency and wilderness medicine scenarios support medical triage protocols, provide basic and advanced cardiac life support training and interventions (BLS/ACLS), and aid in Search and Rescue (SAR) during disaster relief and warzones. AvatarMEDIC will have the ability to adapt to a variety of emergency scenarios and deployable locally, globally and beyond Earth’s orbit in Space and on planetary surfaces, such as, Moon and Mars.

A 21st Century new paradigm for augmenting and extending healthcare services and medical access into remote and first response settings. Impacting and saving lives for billions of people on Earth and in space.

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