Proof of Concept implementation on Microsoft Hololens 2 and Android Mobile using MRTK with support of the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco, CA
December 2020(Onward)
HoloTRIAGE™: First Response & Disaster Medicine Training with AI & XR

HoloTRIAGE represents a new paradigm for first response and disaster medicine that augments and expands the current medical and healthcare training industries. Using the convergence of AI, Avatars, Multi-Haptics and XR into one integrated holistic platform. XR allows virtual victims and rescue equipment in real context. AI enables automated training of protocols and assessment of trainees. Avatars allow remote instructors to record themselves and be present in realtime. Haptics enable trainees to feel sensory and motor feedback.

HoloTRIAGE reduces costs, vastly simplifies deployment, expands scale, enhances efficiency, saves time, massively portable, and democratizes access to training for professionals and non-medical communities.
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