ISS R&D Conference

January 7, 2021

The AvatarMEDIC team was honored with acceptance of a poster exhibition into the International Space Station Research & Development Conference 2019 in Atlanta, GA, USA.

This year’s ISS R&D conference was jam packed full of interesting scientific talks and brilliant connections. Celebrating over 20 years of continual LEO habitation on ISS, NASA highlighted how important having a microgravity laboratory open to global researchers has been. There were so many amazing talks that to summarize all of it would be impossible.

Just to show how widely used the ISS microgravity lab really is, take one amazing innovation presented was from a small startup Tympanogen. Just two researchers turned business partners were able to get their innovative healing gel for ear drum ruptures into the ISS. In the process they contributed fundamental science in understanding how gels interact with microgravity, as their experiments were the first gels of that viscosity in microgravity. The ISS platform is truly a boon for researchers large and small.

We at AvatarMEDIC were thrilled to meet some amazing individuals that came by our poster on the exhibition floor. Many passionate medical professionals were present at ISS R&D in addition to technologists. It was a fascinating blend of stalwart companies who have been in aerospace for decades and new researchers and startups, all looking to space as the future of humanity.

This conference also let AvatarMEDIC formally welcome Emmanuel Urquieta Ordonez of NASA TRISH and Baylor College of Medicine to our board of advisors. His experience as an EMT and continual work at the Translational Research Institute for Space Health and Baylor College of Medicine makes his expertise infinitely valuable for AvatarMEDIC. He is excited about the project for its impact on Earth and in the Solar System as humans continue expanding outward.

The new space age is heating up and AvatarMEDIC will be there using exponential technologies to accelerate safe human travel, exploration and habitation of our solar system!

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